Quality is everything

Our mission at Red Arch is to deliver high quality, cost effective products and services on time every time

Whether it is an exhaust system subcomponent or a highly aesthetic carbon trim, quality is integral to everything we do. RA achieves this through the use of the APQP process, lean manufacturing and a culture of continuous improvement. During the design and development process the focus is on poka-yoke and error prevention over error detecting.

Red Arch have a wide variety of techniques to ensure the quality of our manufactured products:

Coordinate measuring machine (CMM)

RA uses Faro Quantum and Faro Edge machines with Laser line probe in support of design, development and quality control.  Polyworks and V tube software provide the data analysis capability in support of RA’s Design, Production and Quality activities.

FARO Quantum (2013)

  • Point probe
  • 4m reach
  • 32µm single point measurement accuracy
  • 46µm volumetric accuracy
  • Repeatability: 0.043mm
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.061mm

FARO Platinum (2016)

  • Point probe / laser scanner
  • 8m reach
  • 26µm single point measurement accuracy
  • 37µm volumetric accuracy

Applications include:

  • Component / Assembly inspection
  • Comparison of complex geometry parts to CAD
  • Manufacturing jig and fixture verification
  • Set-up and positioning
  • Reverse engineering

X-Ray Fluorescence Measuring

Fischerscope XAN 315 (2016)

  • Energy dispersive X-ray measuring instrument
  • Resolution of ≤180eV
  • Sulphur (16) to Uranium (92) – up to 24 elements simultaneously
  • Surface coating thickness verification to 0.01 µm

Applications include:

  • Material composition verification
  • Non-organic material analysis
  • Chrome plating thickness measurement

Statistical Analysis & Process Control

During development, each production step is assessed to establish the capability of the process and the equipment being used.  Where appropriate SPC is then used to monitor the process and identify preventative actions before parts become out of tolerance and as a result maintaining yields.

Rapid Prototype Checking Fixtures

The extensive use of 3D printing enables RA to create extremely complex checking fixtures quickly and cost effectively.  These are invaluable for delicate or aesthetic parts, or where reference or datum points are hard to establish.
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