Material Planning

With over 400 unique part numbers and more than 150,000 parts delivered to our customers in 2017, Material Planning is a key part of our business. RA has and experienced team working with an integrated MRP / Accounts software package to ensure uninterrupted component and system supply to our customers.

RA understands the importance of communication. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a vital part of the scheduling and control of material, but only the professionalism and co-operation between the RA Material Planning Team and those at its suppliers and customers can ensure on time delivery.


RA worked with its suppliers and customers to move more than 300,000 tonnes of material over 100 million miles in financial year 2016/17.

All options for component delivery are available to our customers, all supported with appropriate paperwork and export documentation, including Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN).

  • Customer Collection
  • Delivery to Market / Importer
  • Dealer Direct
  • Customer Direct